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Ameren Illinois recognizes Carle’s commitment to energy savings

URBANA, Ill.(March 15, 2019) – Ameren Illinois recognized Carle Foundation Hospital for its efforts to implement energy-savings measures and reduce the community facility’s carbon footprint.

With the help of Ameren Illinois' Large Facilities Retro Commissioning Program, which is available to Ameren Illinois customers with facilities of at least 100,000 square feet, Carle has saved 1,715,248 kWh of energy, which is the equivalent of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from 258 passenger vehicles driven for one year. Overall, through retro commissioning and related projects — and energy-efficient new construction — Carle Hospital will reduce its annual energy use by more than 3.1 million kilowatt-hours and 234,000 therms (and counting). In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, those energy savings are equivalent to taking nearly 750 cars off the road for an entire year.

“Quite simply – Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency programs have been good for patients, for the environment and for Carle,” said Tom Johnson, Carle executive director, Facilities Service. “We’re able to save on our energy consumption and make things better for the environment. It’s a slam dunk.”

Johnson said the opportunity to yield energy savings without sacrificing patient and employee experience and comforts aligns with Carle’s community-based mission.

“We were able to make minor adjustments with major impact,” he said.

To share the results of Carle’s participation in the Ameren Illinois’ Large Facilities Retro Commission Energy Efficiency Program,  the organizations held an employee recognition event on March 14 at Carle's University West Facility in Urbana.

"Over time, the way in which buildings use energy will become less efficient," said Keith Martin, Director of Energy Efficiency, Ameren Illinois. "Through our energy efficiency program, we assist companies by assessing how and where their facilities use energy and recommend improvements and small changes to how equipment operates – more of a tune-up rather than an overhaul. Our efforts focus on actions that provide a payback of less than a year – helping customers to quickly earn a return on their investment."

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