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Streaming live: World's fastest animals welcome baby chicks
Watch in on their first days at Ameren Missouri's popular Falcon Cam

ST. LOUIS (May 6, 2019) – The wait is over, and the chicks have arrived. Situated in a nesting box more than 160 feet above the Sioux Energy Center, the Ameren Missouri Falcon Cam is providing viewers with a first glimpse of two recently hatched Peregrine falcon chicks. The live Falcon Cam feed is provided by Ameren Missouri in partnership with World Bird Sanctuary and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“The chicks will begin to fly in about 42 days, but until then they are completely dependent on their parents,” said Jeff Meshach, deputy director, World Bird Sanctuary. “For the first 10 days the female falcon will remain with the chicks. Then the parents will take turns caring for the chicks and hunting for food. Viewers should prepare to see nature up close and at its wildest.”

This year marks the eighth Falcon Cam season, which began March 19, when the first egg was laid. The live feed will continue until the young chicks are able to leave the nest and survive on their own.

“Every year Falcon Cam generates a new wave of excitement – especially once the chicks arrive,” said Kevin Kersting, manager of technical services at Ameren Missouri. “Maintaining natural environments that help sustain native plants and species is a point of pride for us at Ameren Missouri, and we look forward to seeing the latest Peregrine brood."

In 2018, Ameren Missouri’s Falcon Cam received more than 10,000 visitors, with peak viewership occurring in the days following the arrival of the chicks.

“It’s very exciting that peregrines have continually used the Ameren Missouri nest box over the years. Peregrines are state endangered, so the arrival of chicks is always happy news,” said Sarah Kendrick, state ornithologist, Missouri Department of Conservation. “Observing nesting peregrines is a great way to get to know this bird better and gain a deeper appreciation of Missouri’s wildlife.”

CLICK HERE to watch the live feed.

Peregrine falcon facts:

  • Female Peregrines average 2 lbs., 4 ounces with a 40-inch wingspan.
  • Males average 1 lb., 6 ounces with a 30-inch wingspan.
  • When hunting, Peregrines dive down on their prey at speeds well over 200 mph, making them the fastest animals on earth.

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About World Bird Sanctuary
In 1977 WBS was founded by the late Walt Crawford, and is currently directed by Dawn Griffard. WBS is dedicated to the preservation of all birds and their habitats, and accomplishes this through rehabilitation, education, propagation, field studies, advocacy and services. WBS has been banding Peregrine Falcons since 1985. Through captive breeding and release efforts in the mid to late 80's, WBS is responsible for bringing the Peregrine back to Missouri as a breeding species.

About Missouri Department of Conservation
MDC protects and manages Missouri's fish, forest, and wildlife resources. We also facilitate your participation in resource-management activities, and we provide opportunities for you to use, enjoy and learn about nature.

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