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Ameren releases new data on environmental stewardship programs in voluntary report
Latest report includes sections on cybersecurity governance and natural gas sustainability

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE) today extended its commitment to customers, electric and natural gas industry investors, and other stakeholders by voluntarily participating in the second iteration of the environmental, social, governance and sustainability-related (ESG/sustainability) reporting template spearheaded by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the American Gas Association (AGA). This template includes additional topics in the qualitative section related to cybersecurity governance and natural gas sustainability. Ameren's report using the Version 2 template is now available under the Environmental, Social and Governance section at AmerenInvestors.com.

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"This is the only industry-focused and investor-driven ESG reporting framework providing a complete look at how we operate in a sustainable manner," said Gwen Mizell, vice president of sustainability and electrification for Ameren. "We continuously work to improve our operating infrastructure and processes for our customers, stakeholders and shareholders. From making investments in our energy generation and delivery systems to creating a values-based safety culture, Ameren is dedicated to keeping stewardship in the forefront."

Ameren has been involved with the EEI-AGA ESG/sustainability reporting structure since its inception in 2017. The template framework was developed as a direct result of investors requesting more uniform and consistent ESG/sustainability metrics. The version 2 template, released today, incorporates 2018 data giving investors and others the most up-to-date information available.

For decades, Ameren has recognized the importance of being a strong corporate citizen, which includes providing extensive information about our operations. This spring, Ameren published a climate risk report, Building a Cleaner Energy Future, which is a comprehensive look at the steps Ameren is taking to meet its obligation to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy in an environmentally responsible manner to its customers and the communities it serves while effectively balancing climate-related risks. Another newer, voluntary report focuses on water resiliency and assesses future availability of water resources in Ameren's region and also in the Powder River Basin, a key portion of our supply chain. The report summarizes water resource availability trends under various climate assumptions. The company has also, for many years, filed annual CDP and CDP Water questionnaires, the latest versions of which are posted in the sustainability section of Ameren.com.

"The newest version of the EEI and AGA ESG/sustainability reporting template will continue to allow electric and natural gas companies to deliver the most reliable and transparent ESG/sustainability data," said Tom Kuhn, EEI president. "This robust, stakeholder-driven process identified clear ways to enhance the reporting template, and we are pleased to continue our partnership with AGA as we work to ensure we are meeting the needs of the investor community."

The framework includes both qualitative information, including ESG/sustainability governance and strategy, and quantitative information, including data covering emissions, generation assets, portfolio data, and human and natural resources. The EEI-AGA ESG template provides information in a measurable and consistent format for customers and investors to assess the long-term ESG/sustainability progression toward a sustainable energy future.

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