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Ameren Missouri expands state’s EV charging capabilities with new Cape Girardeau station
Fast charging at Schnucks parking lot offers convenience for travelers and local residents

ST. LOUIS (Nov. 17, 2020) – Electric vehicle (EV) drivers will now have a new reason to stop in Cape Girardeau. Ameren Missouri and Schnucks have partnered to install a DC fast-charging station at the Schnucks parking lot on South Kingshighway, enabling travelers to recharge their vehicles – and do a little shopping – in as little as 30 to 45 minutes.

“As Ameren works toward our own goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we’re also looking at ways we can build the infrastructure in southeast Missouri needed to support other initiatives, such as electric vehicles, that benefit the environment,” said Bryan Shannon, Ameren Missouri business development manager. “This new charging station in Cape Girardeau, part of our Charge Ahead program, makes it easier for residents and businesses to choose electric cars and trucks – contributing to a carbon-neutral future.”

The Schnucks charging station will be able to charge up to four cars simultaneously. Drivers will pay Schnucks per kilowatt-hour of electricity used.

“We saw this as an opportunity to provide a convenience to our local customers, as well as attract people who are passing through the area,” said Jon Townsend, Schnucks store manager. “We hope this makes Cape Girardeau a more popular stop on road trips, bringing travelers into our store and other local restaurants or businesses while they are waiting for their vehicle to recharge.”

Through the Charge Ahead program, Ameren Missouri is offering incentives for other local businesses to own and operate EV charging stations, ultimately installing 1,000 EV charging stations at 350 locations across the state.

This year, more people have been relying on the safety of their own cars to travel longer distances. Recently, Ameren Missouri joined other Midwest utilities to commit to building a vast network of fast-charging stations throughout the Midwest, making it possible for electric vehicles to travel farther, such as St. Louis to Denver or Detroit to Oklahoma City.

"This station is great for electric vehicle owners and anyone considering making the purchase. Given the convenient location, it will help travelers heading in all directions including Illinois residents and travelers," said Kathy Swan, Missouri state representative. "We appreciate Ameren Missouri's support of this electric vehicle charging station in Cape Girardeau."

The Cape Girardeau fast-charging station is one of 11 to be completed in Ameren Missouri’s service area this year. Stations also are located in St. Louis, Festus, Warrenton, Moberly, Bowling Green, Kirksville, Canton, Jefferson City, Hayti and the Lake of the Ozarks. Ameren Missouri plans to install an additional three stations in 2021.

Ameren Missouri also plans to electrify its own vehicle fleet, with a goal that 100% of new light-duty vehicle purchases by 2030 will be electric. In addition, 35% of Ameren Missouri’s overall vehicle fleet, including light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, forklifts and ATV/UTV, will be electrified by 2030. Learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles and the Charge Ahead program at AmerenMissouri.com/EV.

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