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Ameren Missouri offers tips and deals amid National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
Simple upgrades and maintenance can help customers save during the cold weather months

ST. LOUIS (Jan. 10, 2023) – On National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, Ameren Missouri is reminding its customers that it’s not too early to start saving money in the new year. With a few simple behavior changes, maintenance fixes and technology updates, households can experience a more comfortable living space this winter.

Whether homeowners or renters are interested in making small changes to their routine or looking to invest in a full suite of energy-efficient home products, Ameren Missouri has eight tips to help them get the most bang for their buck this winter:

  • Schedule a free in-home assessment. Ameren Missouri customers can take advantage of the Pay As You Save Program (PAYS®) which can help them make energy-efficient upgrades to their home. Customers will receive free energy-saving products when they register online for a free in-home assessment.
  • Set the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Reach for a sweater before reaching for the thermostat. By lowering the temperature for at least eight hours in a day, it’s possible to save as much as 10% on heating bills.
  • Switch to LED bulbs. ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs use up to 70%-90% less energy than standard bulbs, last at least 15 times longer and save about $55 in electricity costs over their lifetime.
  • Keep the heated air indoors. Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation can help your home be more comfortable and energy efficient while providing up to 10% savings on your annual energy bills.
  • Lower the water heater temperature. Many manufacturers set their water heater thermostats at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most households are comfortable with 120 degrees. This can save 6% to 10% on water heating costs.
  • Replace air filters every three months. Improve air flow while preventing things like dirt, pet dander and pollen from circulating throughout the home. A clogged air filter can cause HVAC systems to use up to 15% more energy.
  • Install an advanced power strip. Advanced power strips provide surge protection while intelligently cutting off power to connected devices when they’re not in use. Eliminating standby power from unused devices can save the average household $100 per year.
  • Track energy usage online. Ameren Missouri’s new, interactive Energy Manager dashboard makes it easier than ever for customers to see trends in their energy usage and make adjustments to lower their overall energy costs. Customers can even enroll in usage alerts to help them track their costs throughout the month.

"With more people relying on electronics to power work, school and entertainment from home, many families are consuming higher than average amounts of electricity,” said Tony Lozano, director of energy solutions at Ameren Missouri. “Implementing our energy efficiency tips will allow households to significantly lower their energy costs this winter while still maintaining a comfortable home.”

Instant savings can be found at AmerenMissouriSavings.com, which offers sales on smart thermostats, advanced power strips, LED bulbs and more. Customers who own or purchase a qualifying smart thermostat can also earn a $50 sign-up bonus and receive $25 annually for enrolling in Ameren Missouri’s Peak Time Savings Program.

In addition, Ameren Missouri wants to help customers shore up their home for the winter months to save energy and lower costs. Qualifying income-eligible homeowners and renters are eligible to receive assistance in the form of weatherization improvements to their homes, such as caulking, weather stripping and more, through local agencies. For more information, visit AmerenMissouri.com/EnergyAssistance.

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