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Ameren Missouri warns against Mylar balloon releases near power lines
Mylar balloons conduct electricity and may cause outages and safety issues

Editor’s Note: Click here for video of balloons in power lines.

COLUMBIA, Mo. (May 13, 2022) – As graduation weekend approaches, Ameren Missouri reminds customers to keep Mylar party balloons away from power lines. Mylar balloons can disrupt electrical service, start a fire or cause significant damage to the energy grid.

“The damage from tangled Mylar balloons can leave even the best celebrations deflated,” said Chip Webb, director of the central division at Ameren Missouri. “Mylar balloons are metallic and conduct electricity. When they get tangled in power lines, they can lead to surges and shorts that cause power outages.”

In addition to power disruptions, Mylar balloons pose a safety hazard for linemen who must safely untangle and remove what’s left of the balloons from energized high voltage lines.

“This time of year, there’s a lot to celebrate,” Webb added. “We want people to celebrate safely and help us keep the lights on.”

If you notice a balloon or another toy entangled in electric infrastructure, always assume the line is live. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself. Call Ameren Missouri at 800.552.7583 to report the object.

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