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Ameren, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri offer tips to help you 'plan before you plant'
Long-time partnership also provides funding for CommuniTree project, distributing more than 10,000 trees each year to communities throughout Missouri

ST. LOUIS (April 26, 2023) – The spring season is a popular time to plant a tree. This Arbor Day, Ameren is partnering with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to educate the community on how to select the right tree and the right location before the shovel hits the ground.

Planting the wrong trees, or planting them too close to utility equipment, can cause property damage and interfere with the reliability of electric service. 

“Ameren has a robust year-round tree trimming and vegetation management program that helps ensure trees and limbs are clear of electrical equipment to maintain reliability, especially during severe weather,” said Nick Henderson, manager, Vegetation, Ameren Missouri. “We know homeowners don’t want to lose mature trees in their yards because they are growing too close to the power line, so we are reminding our communities how to be proactive and select the right tree and the right location for it. This will help ensure it can grow there for decades to come without posing any risk to your electric service.” 

Plan Before You Plant

Make sure your trees are not planted under power lines, too close to utility poles or around any electrical equipment. Avoid these common mistakes:

•  Planting a sapling that grows to be very large near a power line.
•  Planting trees and shrubs too close to a pad-mounted transformer.
•  Planting trees and shrubs that block access to poles and electrical equipment.
•  Not calling 811 to have buried utilities marked on your property before digging.

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri is dedicated to supporting a more resilient tree canopy, which improves air quality, reduces erosion and lowers ozone levels. In 2022, they launched almost 200 planting projects, planted nearly 12,000 trees and potted more than 19,000 seedlings.

"Forest ReLeaf of Missouri is embarking on our 30th anniversary and we are proud to partner with Ameren on educating our communities on the variety of trees that work well in various locations in Missouri,” said Meridith McAvoy Perkins, executive director​, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri. Forest ReLeaf promotes planting native trees and avoiding invasive species like honeysuckle or Bradford pear. Consider instead a majestic oak for shade, medium sized black gum for vibrant fall color, or a small, flowering arrowwood viburnum for near a power line.

Over the last 10 years, Ameren has donated more than $250,000 to Forest ReLeaf to support its CommuniTree tree donation program and education efforts.

About Ameren
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About Forest ReLeaf of Missouri
Forest ReLeaf of Missouri’s mission is to enrich communities by growing and planting trees through the power of people and partnerships. This effort supports our vision of a more resilient tree canopy in Missouri’s communities that supports healthy people, healthy habitats and a healthy planet.