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Energy efficiency upgrades to local Missouri businesses project $7.1 million in future savings

Nearly 900 Ameren Missouri commercial customers are on track to save 72 million kilowatt-hours of electricity

ST. LOUIS (Dec. 11, 2023) – Ameren Missouri is announcing that nearly 900 commercial customers have participated in its business energy savings program, BizSavers, in 2023. Combined, these customers project to save over $7.1 million on their energy costs after completing more than 1,390 energy efficiency projects, leading to in excess of 72 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of projected electricity saved.

“The BizSavers program is designed to provide quick and easy savings as well as customized solutions for businesses of any size,” said Rich Wright, manager of energy efficiency at Ameren Missouri. “When businesses are able to adopt these, everyone benefits as a result.”

Ameren Missouri provides cash incentives through BizSavers for energy efficiency upgrades such as LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC and refrigeration systems, commercial-grade cooking equipment, motor controls/variable frequency drives and much more.

In 2023, Lindbergh High School updated old, inefficient fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting, added daylight dimming and occupancy sensors to its hallways, classrooms and offices, and upgraded to a new variable prime chiller water system with controls.

“We are grateful for the energy savings we will be able to pass on to our district taxpayers year after year, thanks to the Ameren BizSavers program,” said Lindbergh Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake. “As we have worked to equip our new high school with energy-efficient equipment and fixtures, this program has allowed us to use those savings to support a flexible, future-ready learning environment for all Lindbergh students.”

Since 2016, Lindbergh Schools has completed 13 total energy-efficient projects through the program. These projects total a combined 4,051,224 kWh of projected energy savings annually and project $325,000 annually in electricity costs.

The Randolph Area YMCA in Moberly recently upgraded its pool’s dehumidification unit located on the roof of its building. This upgrade projects to save the YMCA over $23,000 annually in electric costs and 227,550 kWh of projected energy savings annually.

“Anytime we can lower our monthly operations costs, it can potentially have a significant impact,” said Ben Jamerson, associate executive director of the Randolph Area YMCA. “In the case of this project, we are expecting to see major cost savings and that ultimately impacts the other efforts we focus on, including our scholarship program.”

The YMCA’s scholarship program discounts around $95,000 annually for those who need financial assistance in order to become a member of the facility and is a large part of how it gives back to the surrounding community.

In June of 2023, Ameren Missouri announced that more than 416 commercial customers had completed more than 575 energy efficiency projects through BizSavers at the time. Visit AmerenMissouri.com/BizSavers to see how businesses can save.

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