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Ameren warns of increase in online scams targeting customers in Illinois and Missouri

Fraudulent website listings through internet searches are on the rise

ST. LOUIS (Jan. 25, 2024) – Ameren is alerting its customers in Illinois and Missouri to be aware of a growing number of fraudulent website listings that scammers are developing that mimic the company's website and include fake contact phone numbers and email addresses.

How the scam works:

An individual may use an internet search engine when seeking information on how to contact an Ameren representative, pay their bill or change service. A search may provide several "legitimate looking" but fake Ameren website listings. Once the customer calls the fake phone number or clicks on a fake link, they are tricked into thinking they are engaging with an Ameren representative or visiting the company's official website.

Once contacted, the scammers will often appear authentic by asking for account information, mimicking Ameren services offered or by sending a text message to the customer with an ask for additional information. Most often the scammer will request the customer make an immediate payment through a cash payment app.

“Unfortunately, these scammers continue to find new tactics to trick utility customers into providing payments to them or by obtaining their personal information,” said Maria Gomez, security supervisor for Ameren. “As new technology and the use of digital products increase, so do opportunities for these thieves to deceive our customers."

Rather than use a search engine to get company information, Ameren encourages customers to go directly to Ameren.com or call Ameren Illinois at 1.800.755.5000 or Ameren Missouri at 1.800.552.7583 to get information or engage with an official Ameren representative.

What customers should know:

  • Beware of false urgency. Scammers often push customers to act immediately. Remember that Ameren will never require immediate payment.
  • Look for search engine web listings that have misspelled words or web address links that don’t appear legitimate.
  • Never purchase a prepaid card or make a Zelle, Cash App or Venmo transfer to avoid service disconnection or shutoff. Ameren customers can make payments online, by phone, electronic check, by mail or at in-person pay locations.
  • If you suspect someone is impersonating an Ameren employee, end the conversation and immediately call Ameren Illinois at 1.800.755.5000 or Ameren Missouri at 1.800.552.7583.
  • Report to your local police department as soon as possible if you have given the suspected scammer money or if you feel unsafe from an in-person interaction with a scammer.

For more information, visit Ameren.com/stop-scams. You also can sign up to manage your account online at Ameren.com so you always have ongoing account visibility.  You can also immediately check the status if you think you may have been scammed.

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