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Ameren Missouri Safe Digging Media Toolkit

Ameren Missouri Safe Digging Media Toolkit

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Ramona Schatzer

Damage Prevention Public Awareness Specialist

  • Safe Digging
    TRT 57 seconds
    • :01 - :09 "Protecting those underground facilities by calling 811 first not only protects you while you’re doing your digging project but also your neighborhood."
    • :12 - :35 "You always want to call 811 three days before you want to start digging. You make a phone call or go to the website at MO1call.com and request a dig ticket for your address and then a locator would come out for each utility and mark and paint the ground to let you know where they’re at."
    • :38 - :54 "Expanding your deck, moving a mailbox, adding a flower bed or garden, putting in a retaining wall, if you’re wanting to add new vegetation or trees in your yard, you’ll always want to call 811 before you start that digging project.