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Ameren Illinois Reminds Businesses it Pays to Act Now With ActOnEnergy
Project completion deadline fast approaching

PEORIA, Ill., March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Time is running short for Ameren Illinois electric and natural gas business customers who want to reduce their energy expenses by participating in the 2011-12 ActOnEnergy® program.

Projects must be completed by May 31 to qualify for ActOnEnergy cash incentives. Complete business program information is available at ActOnEnergy.com, by calling 1-866-800-0747 or by sending an e-mail to ActOnEnergyBusiness@ameren.com.

"We often hear business people say they must delay energy efficiency projects because it isn't in the budget," said Cheryl Miller, ActOnEnergy business program manager. "Frequently, they fail to realize that by delaying energy efficiency projects, they are postponing their energy savings. The savings lost by postponing the project for just one year may be greater than the cost of the energy efficiency project, especially when the ActOnEnergy financial incentives are factored in to the equation."

Miller said the effectiveness of the ActOnEnergy incentive program is demonstrated by the energy savings achieved during the 2010-11 program year. More than 1,200 companies completed nearly 1,900 projects which reduced annual electricity usage by about 164 million kilowatt-hours. This is the equivalent of the electricity used by 16,400 single family homes in a year.

"Our 2011-12 program year ActOnEnergy business program is better than ever. For the first time, all natural gas business customers are eligible for ActOnEnergy incentives," Miller said. "Previously, incentives for natural gas projects were limited to small businesses.

"We believe farmers, grain elevators and others who operate grain dryers will find our natural gas incentives to be of special benefit," Miller said.

ActOnEnergy offers business customers – including private schools and nonprofits – energy efficiency incentives for lighting, refrigeration, motor systems and HVAC systems. Incentives also are available for retro commissioning, multi-family buildings, commercial kitchen equipment, and hotel and motel guest room energy management systems.

One of the newest programs is designed for grain and livestock farmers, providing incentives for lighting upgrades, livestock waterers and such high-efficiency equipment as circulation fans, water heaters and exhaust fans.

ActOnEnergy also offers the Business Online Store, small business commercial kitchens program, grocery/convenience store incentives and custom incentives.

"Our business customers can realize significant savings when they participate in our program," Miller said. "For example, replacing a standard T-12 fluorescent light fixture with a high-efficiency T-8 fluorescent fixture can reduce electricity consumption by 33 percent.

"Our energy efficiency professionals are ready to help our customers take advantage of the ActOnEnergy incentives so they can spend less on energy by using less."

ActOnEnergy has partnered with the Association of Energy Engineers to offer Certified Energy Manager (CEM) training. The four-day training class will be held in Peoria on March 26 through March 30. Registration information is available at ActOnEnergy.com/education. CEM training provides a continuing program of professional development for energy managers.

ActOnEnergy also offers incentives and rebates to residential customers. For more information on residential programs, visit ActOnEnergy.com, call 1-866-838-6918 or send an e-mail to: ActOnEnergyResidential@ameren.com.

The ActOnEnergy program is funded through a small charge (Rider EDR for electricity customers and Rider GER for natural gas customers) on customer bills. These charges are mandated by state law.

Ameren Illinois delivers energy to 1.2 million electric and 813,000 natural gas customers in downstate Illinois, and our mission is to meet their energy needs in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Our service area covers more than 1,200 communities and 43,700 square miles. For more information, visit AmerenIllinois.com.

SOURCE Ameren Illinois