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Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy Milestone: 40,000th Refrigerator Collected for Recycling

An energy efficiency milestone was achieved today when the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy® Refrigerator Recycling Program collected the 40,000th refrigerator/freezer unit for recycling.

The milestone refrigerator was picked up today at the home of Margaret Armstrong in Champaign. Like other customers who recycle their refrigerators or freezers, Armstrong will receive $50 from ActOnEnergy. Furthermore, she will save $150 or more annually in electricity bills by retiring her Energy Hog refrigerator.

“The amount of electricity used by those 40,000 refrigerators and freezers is equal to the power used by about 4,000 typical residential customers for an entire year,” said Karen Warnke, Ameren Illinois Customer Service energy efficiency advisor.

“This program is good news for the environment because the retirement of these refrigerators will prevent about 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from being released into the atmosphere in a year.”

In addition, the recycling of the 40,000 refrigerators and freezers prevented 10,400 tons of metal and other waste from ending up in landfills.

“We rehabilitate these Energy Hog refrigerators and freezers at our recycling facility in Springfield. Their recycled components – primarily metal, plastic, glass – will get the opportunity to lead productive lives as new products,” Warnke said.

Ameren Illinois now pays an electric customer $50 for a standard size refrigerator or freezer of any age. The appliance must be plugged in and operating at the time it is picked up for recycling. Customers are not required to replace the unit.

Eligible Ameren Illinois electric customers should call 1-866-899-9088 or visit ActOnEnergy.com/pickup to schedule a pickup of their refrigerator or freezer. Customers will need their electric account number when scheduling a pickup.

Nonprofits also can earn extra green while helping make Illinois greener by joining the new Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy Refrigerator Recycling Referral program.

When an Ameren Illinois residential electricity customer recycles a spare refrigerator or freezer through the ActOnEnergy program, the participating nonprofit organization of the customer’s choice will receive $10.

“We have designed the Refrigerator Recycling Referral program to help nonprofits easily earn extra dollars, while giving our customers an added incentive to become more energy efficient,” Warnke said.

Nonprofits may enroll by calling 1-866-838-6918, visiting ActOnEnergy.com/fundraiser or sending a completed W-9 form to fundraiser@ameren.com to receive program materials and their group identification number. There is no cost to participate.

ActOnEnergy offers energy efficiency advice plus a variety of financial incentives and rebates for residential customers. Full residential program details are available at ActOnEnergy.com by calling 1-866-838-6918 or by sending an email to ActOnEnergyResidential@ameren.com.

Financial incentives and rebates as well as energy efficiency advice is available for Ameren Illinois business customers. Complete business program information is available at ActOnEnergy.com, by calling 1-866-800-0747 or by sending an email to ActOnEnergyBusiness@ameren.com.

Ameren Illinois delivers energy to 1.2 million electric and 813,000 natural gas customers in downstate Illinois, and our mission is to meet their energy needs in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Our service area covers more than 1,200 communities and 43,700 square miles. For more information, visit AmerenIllinois.com.

CONTACTS: Leigh Morris, 217.535.5228, lmorris@ameren.com; Stacey Stockton-Shangraw, 309.677.5073, sstockton-shangraw@ameren.com