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Ameren Missouri Upgrading Natural Gas Pipelines in Winfield, Mo. to Improve Reliability
Final Phase of a Decade-Long, $25 Million Project

Ameren Missouri has started work on an approximately $400,000 project in Winfield, Mo. to replace about three miles of older gas pipelines with more reliable polyethylene (PE) pipe.

The new PE pipes will replace nearly 50-year-old polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipeline that lies east of Missouri Highway 79 in Winfield, both north and south of Highway N. Ameren Missouri began replacing Winfield's gas lines last year, spending about $400,000 to install more than two miles of PE pipes on the west side of Missouri Highway 79. The Winfield project will be completed this spring.

"The PVC pipes were fine back in the 1960s," said Mike Holman, Ameren Missouri’s director of gas operations. "They've provided reliable service. We're making sure it stays that way by proactively upgrading our system with the latest materials technology and construction techniques."

Ameren Missouri's new PE gas lines are more durable than the older pipe. The new pipes also incorporate a tracing wire that allows them to be more easily located from aboveground.

The Winfield project is part of a $25 million Ameren Missouri effort to replace all 150 miles of its PVC pipe with PE pipeline. Also slated to receive new PE pipes this year are Bellflower, Mary Knoll and Silex. The overall PVC pipe replacement project, which began in 2006, is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.


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