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Ameren Missouri Launches Money-Saving Streetlight Program
Lighting Customers will Save nearly $2 Million a Year

Ameren Missouri is upgrading its company-owned street and outdoor lighting to energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LEDs will save lighting customers money and are more reliable that older model lighting. Ameren Missouri will replace approximately 125,000 company-owned street and outdoor light fixtures during this 5-year initiative. At the end of that time, a majority of Ameren Missouri company-owned lights will feature LED technology. Replacing those lights with LED technology is the equivalent to taking more than 5,000 average Missouri homes off the power grid. Lighting customers will be saving nearly $2 million per year compared to current rates.

“Upgrading to LED technology in Ameren Missouri-owned street and outdoor lights is good for our customers, good for our company, and good for the environment,” said John Luth, director, Contractor Management, Ameren Missouri. “LEDs save customers money by using 55-65 percent less energy than older model lighting.”

Ameren Missouri will replace company-owned enclosed and open-bottom streetlights, outdoor lights and security lights with LEDs. The street and outdoor lights are owned by Ameren Missouri and serve Rate 5M customers, including municipalities, neighborhoods, and individuals.

Ameren Missouri will replace the older technology with LED lighting during a normal maintenance visit to a light, which includes replacing a burned out or damaged bulb. The company is investing approximately $40 million over five years, which will result in lower charges for lighting customers. Ameren Missouri is always looking for cost-effective opportunities to help customers. The company has been studying LED technology for several years, and now the price of many streetlight fixtures has come down to the point where customers will save money by replacing these lights. To learn more about these upgrades, go to AmerenMissouri.com/streetlights.

Ameren Missouri has been providing electric and gas service for more than 100 years, and the company's electric rates are among the lowest in the nation. Ameren Missouri's mission is to power the quality of life for its 1.2 million electric and 130,000 natural gas customers in central and eastern Missouri. The company's service area covers 64 counties and more than 500 communities including the greater St. Louis area. For more information please visit AmerenMissouri.com or follow Ameren Missouri on Facebook or Twitter.