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Ameren Missouri Partners with Kraft Heinz to Achieve $1.1 Million in Incentives through Energy Efficiency

The Ameren Missouri BizSavers® Program team recently helped Kraft Heinz achieve over $1 million in incentives at the company's newly expanded processing plant in Adair County. The partnership identified ways of making over 300,000 square feet of the facility more energy efficient by installing LED lighting and motor controls, and optimizing compressed air systems throughout the facility.

“The cleanest energy is the energy we don't have to generate in the first place. So we are thrilled to hear that Kraft Heinz is making energy efficiency a priority in their new production facility,” said Rich Wright, manager of energy efficiency at Ameren Missouri. “It’s always exciting to see how Ameren Missouri can work with businesses and achieve such impressive energy savings through efficiency.”

Ameren Missouri’s BizSavers program offers cash incentives and technical assistance to commercial and industrial electric customers for improving energy efficiency in their facilities. In 2016, Ameren Missouri customers saved more than 52 million kilowatt hours of energy through efficiency projects and earned more than $3.6 million in cash incentives.

The actions taken by Kraft Heinz underscore the company's commitment to energy efficiency and have benefits beyond the incentives earned from the BizSavers Program. The facility’s annual energy usage will be reduced by 15,817,512 kilowatt-hours, achieving savings on day-to-day energy costs and taking a considerable amount of energy off the grid. This reduction is equivalent to the energy consumed by 1216 homes annually. They will also achieve a reduction in the amount of overall maintenance the equipment requires, and provide a comfortable environment for their employees.

To learn more about the BizSavers program, visit AmerenMissouri.com/BizSavers, email BizSavers@ameren.com or call 1.866.941.7299.