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Outage Update, : 84,000 Restored Today Alone, 270,000 Restored Over The Weekend
Ameren companies have restored approximately 84,000 today () and restored 270,000 Metro St. Louis and Illinois customers affected by the devastating July 19 and July 21 storms---

A total of 216,000 remain without power in Illinois and Missour, and 171,000 remain without power in the Metro area.

STAFFING: More than 4,000 contractors and employees are working to restore power. These workers are from 13 states.

RESTORATION: Ameren officials originally estimated that the majority of the affected customers will be restored by Tuesday night, with the remainder Wednesday and the very last customers on Thursday.

AmerenUE is again asking all employees who are non-operating personnel and others not involved in the storm restoration process and who work at the company's 1901 Chouteau Headquarters building NOT to report to work before 8 a.m., Tuesday, July 25. The headquarters building parking lot is being used as a staging area for hundreds of vehicles connected with storm restoration. THIS APPLIES ONLY TO THOSE WORKING AT THE 1901 CHOUTEAU GENERAL OFFICE BUILDING.