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AmerenUE Announces Intent to Rebuild Upper Reservoir of Taum Sauk Plant, Assuming Successful Resolution of Issues with State Agencies

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE) officials today announced that its Missouri utility operating company, AmerenUE, submitted plans and an environmental report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to rebuild the upper reservoir of its Taum Sauk Plant -- assuming successful resolution of outstanding issues with agencies of the state of Missouri.

According to the FERC filing, construction would begin in 2007, with the plant returning to service in 2009. The FERC has indicated that the agency will seek public comment on this filing.

AmerenUE also stressed that the reservoir would be rebuilt following criteria used in current dam design and construction practice. The upper reservoir will be constructed with roller compacted concrete (RCC) based upon a design by Paul Rizzo & Associates; this design satisfies current guidelines established by the FERC.

"We would not be returning this plant to service if we were not absolutely certain that our design met, or exceeded, all modern safety criteria," said Thomas R. Voss, AmerenUE president and chief executive officer. "After much analysis, we are now confident that this plant can be returned to service and operated safely to restore a critical source of reliable power to our customers."

Voss also noted that insurance is expected to cover the costs of the rebuild. He pointed to the plant's economic impact on the nearby community as a source of employment and significant local tax revenue. Taum Sauk Plant also plays a unique role in Ameren's system because of its "black-start" capability -- the ability to begin generating electricity in the unlikely event of a loss of grid power.

The decision came more than a year after the Dec. 14, 2005, breach in the plant's upper reservoir that caused significant flooding in the Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park. Built in 1963, AmerenUE's Taum Sauk Plant is a "pumped-storage" hydroelectric plant. It stored water from the Black River in the upper reservoir, built atop the 1,590-foot-high Proffit Mountain and released the water to generate electricity when power was needed.

  The rebuilt dam would include such safety features as
-- A crest elevation for the RCC dam design that will be in excess of
the highest anticipated water surface, including rain events or
high water levels;
-- An overflow release structure, to protect against damage to the RCC
structure in the unlikely event that redundant control systems fail
and the upper reservoir overflows.  While the design is not yet
final, the overflow release structure is not expected to ever be
used. This is because of the multilayered defense in depth that
will exist through a combination of technical monitoring systems
and daily operating procedures that will be independent of each
other; and
-- Multiple, independent lines of defense -- including continuous
video camera monitoring of the upper reservoir water levels -- to
ensure that proper water levels are maintained in both the upper
and lower reservoirs. There will also be separate instrumentation
and monitoring systems that will be dedicated solely to dam safety.

AmerenUE is a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation. Ameren companies serve 2.4 million electric customers and nearly one million natural gas customers over a 64,000-square-mile area of Missouri and Illinois.

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  -- regulatory or legislative actions, including changes in regulatory
policies and ratemaking determinations;
-- changes in laws and other governmental actions, including monetary
and fiscal policies;
-- business and economic conditions, including their impact on
interest rates;
-- weather conditions and other natural phenomena;
-- the impact of system outages caused by severe weather conditions or
other events;
-- generation plant construction, installation and performance,
including costs associated with AmerenUE's Taum Sauk pumped-storage
hydroelectric plant incident and its future operation;
-- recoverability through insurance of costs associated with
AmerenUE's Taum Sauk Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Plant incident;
-- the impact of current environmental regulations on utilities and
power generating companies and the expectation that more stringent
requirements will be introduced over time, which could have a
negative financial effect;
-- labor disputes, future wage and employee benefits costs, including
changes in returns on benefit plan assets;
-- legal and administrative proceedings; and
-- acts of sabotage, war, terrorism or intentionally disruptive acts.

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