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AmerenUE Offers Safety Tips for Spring

Spring brings perfect winds for kite-flying, home improving and tree planting. However, the month also ushers in a season when people face increased risk of injury from spring activities in or around power lines.

Throughout the year, the AmerenUE encourages the safe use of electricity and natural gas. Here are some seasonal safety tips from your utility:

· Use only non-conductive materials for making a kite. Wire, tinsel and metal conduct electricity when they touch electric wires or are struck by lightning.

· Fly kites in wide open places far away from power lines.

· If your kite gets caught in a power line, leave it there.

· Avoid flying kites in stormy weather. Wet kite strings can conduct electricity from power lines and lightning.

· When climbing trees, check to make sure there are no power lines hidden among the limbs. Choose a tree that is away from power lines.

· If you are painting or making repairs on your house, be careful where you carry and place your ladder. Avoid contact with wires running overhead.

· Avoid planting trees in locations that will cause problems with power lines once the trees are full grown.

· Before digging in your yard, call the service that marks the location of underground utilities in your area to make sure you do not strike underground power lines or gas pipes. In Missouri, such notification is required by state law. Call the Missouri One Call System (MOCS) at 1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483), or just dial 811 and you will be connected to the One Call center for your area.

· For additional safety information, visit Ameren’s Web site, www.ameren.com, and the Safe Electricity Web site, www.safeelectricity.org.

AmerenUE serves 1.2 million electric and 125,000 natural gas customers across Missouri. Ameren, through its subsidiaries, serves 2.4 million electric and nearly one million natural gas customers in a 64,000-square-mile area of Illinois and Missouri.

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CONTACT: Susan Gallagher, 314.554.2175, or Mike Cleary, 573.681.7137, both of AmerenUE