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Ameren Subsidiary, River City Internet Group and Telkonet, Inc. Partner To Deliver In-Building Broadband Over Power Line Services (BPL) to Multi Dwelling Market
Ameren Energy Communications and River City Internet Group (RCIG) have partnered with Telkonet, Inc. (AMEX: TKO), of Germantown, Md., to provide a unique in-building broadband over internal electrical wiring platform to commercial and multi dwelling unit facilities (MDUs) in Ameren's Missouri and Illinois utilities' service areas. Telkonet is a leading power line communications equipment manufacturer and the leader in providing power line carrier (PLC) networking solutions using existing electrical wiring. The technology for delivering broadband over electric power lines is commonly referred to as BPL in the industry.

In-building BPL enables commercial and MDU property owners to leverage their buildings' existing internal electrical wiring to deliver high-speed broadband Internet access to every electrical outlet, which becomes a broadband access port by simply plugging in a BPL modem. In-building BPL offers broadband speeds of six megabits per second (Mbps), significantly faster than cable or phone lines.

In addition to traditional high-speed Internet access, the in-building BPL platform provided by RCIG's Electric Internet division will have the potential to deliver the following:

• Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP);

• Real time energy monitoring to improve energy efficiency and reliability;

• In-building security and surveillance systems;

• In-building communications through wired LCD panels in lobbies and elevators;

• Building system controls for centralized heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

• Digital signage;

• Secured network connections suitable for government travel standards;


• Additional wireless "hot spots."

River City Internet Group will provide the Internet Service Provider (ISP) services for the platform, including Internet backhaul service, business management software, account setup, network implementation, monitoring and maintenance, 24/7 technical support and customer care, hosting and e-mail services.

"In-building BPL allows owners of commercial and MDU facilities to finally make their buildings 'smart,'" said Trey Goede, executive vice president, River City Internet Group. "The platform offers more immediate functionality than alternative solutions \- at a fraction of the cost. Building owners and tenants alike share in the benefit of virtually limitless Internet Protocol (IP) applications by having broadband Internet access available from any electrical outlet in the building."

Installation of the in-building BPL system can be completed in as little as a few hours or within a few days depending on the size and configuration of the building. The ease of installation prevents the typical time delays and disruption generally associated with running more expensive cable throughout the building.

Robert Crabb, vice president of sales and marketing for Telkonet, stated; "We have been working with Ameren for almost a year to validate the successful benefits of utilizing the Telkonet BPL technology in the MDU environment. Ameren's customers rely upon the power they deliver to meet their basic daily needs. With Telkonet, Ameren's customers can rely upon the same wires to deliver the power of information."

Ameren Energy Communications and RCIG, utilizing Telkonet equipment, last fall conducted a successful trial of an in-building BPL platform at McGowan Brothers Development's Grace Lofts on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. Residential and commercial tenants of Grace Lofts were the first to use BPL for Internet access, Voice over IP services, wireless "hot spots," etc., in the St. Louis area.

"We are excited to be able to leverage the success of the Grace Lofts trial, our core business knowledge of electrical systems and our partnership with these two leading-edge vendors, to enable this new technology's launch in the marketplace," says David Whiteley, president, Ameren Energy Communications.

About Ameren:

Ameren Energy Communications is a non-rate-regulated subsidiary of Ameren Corporation. Ameren, through its regulated utility subsidiaries, serves 2.4 million electric customers and nearly 1 million natural gas customers in a 64,000-square-mile area of Missouri and Illinois.

About River City Internet Group:

River City Internet Group (RCIG) is an Internet delivery system holding company. RCIG (http://www.rcig.net) was founded in 2001 and invests in companies that are predominately focused on providing Enterprises and Carriers with Internet-based services. In addition to traditional hosting and access services, RCIG offers network monitoring and management, software development, wholesale back office and software services to Service Providers in the VoIP, IPTV, ISP, WISP, BPL and MVNO space. RCIG has also furthered its presence in the Online Gaming industry with an investment in GameRail, a provider of performance based Game Networking.

About Telkonet:

Telkonet (AMEX: TKO), founded in 1999, is a leading high technology systems application developer of innovative powerline communications (PLC) solutions for the commercial, government, and industrial markets, establishing a range of patented award-winning systems. Telkonet is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, USA, where a team of skilled professionals is employed across design, development, support, sales and administration.

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