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Ameren Illinois Utilities Helping Families to Be Prepared Before the Next Storm Strikes
Du Quoin State Fair Visitors also will be introduced to 'ameren.mobi'

PEORIA, Ill., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Du Quoin State Fair visitors will learn about storm preparedness and family safety when they visit the Ameren Illinois Utilities (AmerenCIPS, AmerenCILCO, AmerenIP) Emergency Response Tent exhibit today through Labor Day.

In addition, visitors will be introduced to Ameren Illinois Utilities' newest storm outage information service - Mobile Power Outage Information or "ameren.mobi."

"Safety is always our first priority. As National Preparedness Month begins today, getting ready for storms and other emergency events is a step we want every family to take for safety's sake," said Ron Pate, vice president of Regional Operations for the Ameren Illinois Utilities.

Ameren Illinois Utilities (AIU) representatives will give Du Quoin State Fair visitors a copy of the AIU Family Safety Pocket Guide. This handy reference tool provides people with the information they need to be prepared for storms and other emergencies.

AIU also will explain ameren.mobi, the new outage technology for mobile and other handheld devices that access the Internet. Customers who visit ameren.mobi can access outage information by ZIP code, county or by inserting a telephone number to find outage count information.

Key family safety planning points to remember:

  • Develop a shelter plan for severe storm conditions.
  • If any member of your family has a medical condition, plan and make arrangements to have that person's special needs met in the event electricity is not available for an extended period of time.
  • Assemble a "storm kit" and store it in a secure, centrally located part of your house. Make sure all family members know where to find that kit. It should contain:
    • Emergency telephone numbers; flashlights and fresh batteries (avoid using candles, lanterns or oil lamps due to the fire risk); extra garage and house keys; a battery-powered radio; a battery-powered or wind-up alarm clock; a supply of bottled water (one gallon per person per day); non-perishable foods that don't require heating; blankets, bedding or sleeping bags; a first-aid kit and medications; a hand-operated can opener; special items for infants or family members with special needs; hand tools, such as a screwdriver, scissors and duct tape; household items like plastic utensils, paper plates, waterproof matches and household bleach; personal identification and copies of important family documents.
  • If your electric service is interrupted, unplug sensitive computer and electronic equipment. For maximum security, always protect equipment with a high-quality surge protector.
  • When severe weather is predicted, make certain your cell phone and other mobile devices are fully charged. Also, remember that cordless land line telephones will not function when the lights are out.

Additional safety and service information is available at the Ameren Illinois Utilities Emergency Operations Center Web site (IllinoisOutage.com). Information regarding energy efficiency is available at ActOnEnergy.com.

The Ameren Illinois Utilities have been providing safe, reliable energy delivery service for more than a century. The Ameren Illinois Utilities deliver energy to 1.2 million electric and more than 840,000 natural gas customers in about 1,000 communities, while helping customers spend less by using less energy and communities grow through economic development initiatives.

SOURCE Ameren Illinois Utilities

SOURCE: Ameren Illinois Utilities

Web site: http://www.ameren.com/