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Ameren Corporation's Perspective on Climate Change

As the world's leaders gather this week to discuss global approaches to the issue of climate change, Ameren Corporation offers its perspective on this issue.

Ameren believes that climate change presents one of the greatest environmental and energy policy challenges our nation has ever faced. Currently, the federal government is working on a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to long-term changes in weather patterns — or climate change. Chief among these greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide--CO2 --emitted by industries, coal-fired power plants, transportation vehicles and other sources.

We believe in today’s economic downturn it is especially important that any plan for reducing these emissions must include consumer protections — especially here in the Midwest where we depend largely on coal-fired power.

Most of all, we must make sure that the approach to dealing with climate change is fair. And that it works for all Americans.

Attached please find a fact sheet that will tell you more about Ameren's position and the steps the corporation and its utility companies have taken to address climate change.

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