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AmerenUE Offers Low-income Residents Energy Efficiency Home Makeovers

Some low-income residents are finding new ways to save energy and money on their electric bills through AmerenUE’s Multifamily Income-Qualified Program. The program provides energy-efficient replacement appliances in federally subsidized rental properties – free of charge. UE also educates residents on ways to use electricity more efficiently. On average, these upgrades are expected to save residents $125 a year, and provide them with a safer and healthier living environment.

“Through this program, we ensure that our most vulnerable customers are able to benefit from the latest energy-efficient technology, and that saves them money on their energy bills,” says Richard Mark, senior vice president, AmerenUE Customer Operations.

Owners or managers of low-income, federally subsidized buildings with at least three units can apply to the UE program. UE asks that they commit to making energy-efficiency improvements to common areas in the building. After an energy audit of the facility, crews install what’s needed, ENERGY STAR®-qualified refrigerators and air conditioners, programmable thermostats, dehumidifiers, and lighting, like compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, in the apartments. The bigger the building, the bigger the energy savings.

So far, UE has completed 2,105 unit makeovers and is working to upgrade 465 units in St. Louis; 39 units in Jefferson City; 148 units in Cape Girardeau; 163 units in Kirksville; and hundreds more in smaller Missouri communities.

AmerenUE, founded in 1902, provides electric and gas service to approximately 1.2 million customers across central and eastern Missouri, including the greater St. Louis area. UE serves 57 Missouri counties and 500 towns. The company's electric rates are among the lowest in the nation. For more information, visit www.AmerenUE.com. 

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