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Tune Up and Save!
Ameren Missouri offers new CheckMe! Plus Program

After a long hot summer, now’s the time to give your air conditioning system or heat pump a tune up. With Ameren Missouri’s new CheckMe!® Plus Program, customers can receive an instant rebate to have existing cooling systems evaluated and tuned up to meet manufacturer efficiency specifications. Sixty percent of all air conditioning systems are either overcharged or undercharged, making them less efficient and more costly to operate.
Ameren Missouri’s CheckMe! Plus Program is a two-step process of testing and then upgrading an existing system.

• A CheckMe! Plus Program-certified contractor will test your existing and operating air conditioning unit or heat pump to evaluate the system’s refrigerant level, airflow level and operating efficiency. This test determines if your system simply needs a tune up or is in need of replacement to meet current energy efficiency standards.

• If eligible, a participating contractor will help you select a new, energy efficient system as a replacement. Once the system is installed and tested, customers are eligible for up to an $850 rebate through the participating contractor. The amount of the rebate is based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) level of the new equipment.

• If you choose not to replace an existing system, you may be eligible to receive rebates starting at $25 for system tune ups to meet manufacturer specifications.

• Ameren Missouri also offers rebates if a customer chooses to have air conditioning ducts tested for leaks and sealed by a CheckMe! Plus Program-certified contractor.

The easiest way to determine eligibility is to have a participating contractor test a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Some contractors may charge a nominal fee. We recommend that customers get at least three bids from participating contractors before beginning tune up or replacement work. To find a CheckMe! Plus Program-certified contractor and learn more about rebate offers, go to Uefficiency.com or call 800.455.3360.

Don’t forget, there are energy efficiency federal tax credits available through the end of 2010.

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Contact: Lisa Manzo, 1-314-554-6157, lmanzo@ameren.com

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