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Ameren Missouri Quickly Restores Power after Storms
Reliability Investments are Working

Since the storms of 2006-2007, Ameren Missouri has invested billions of dollars in reliability improvements to strengthen the area's electric system for our customers. Those improvements are working. On Oct. 26, high winds ripped across the Midwest, bringing down trees and homes and knocking out power to more than 35,000 Ameren Missouri customers. The storm left a path of damage across Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

In the past, a wind storm of this magnitude would have required days of work to repair extensive damage and restore power to Missouri customers. On Tuesday, the system sustained minimal damage and Ameren Missouri crews restored 95 percent of those customers without power in only 13 hours - a testament to the improved reliability and strength of the electric grid.

Since 2007, Ameren Missouri has more than doubled its annual tree-trimming budget to about $50 million a year. Downed trees and broken limbs are the leading cause of power outages during storms. Billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, such as line and pole inspections, and undergrounding some of the most vulnerable power lines, also helped reduce the number and length of power outages during the storm.

Within minutes after the storm hit, Ameren Missouri crews were patrolling the region for damage, quickly restoring power. More than 900 people were involved in the storm restoration effort. The vast majority of those personnel were in the field, including 556 linemen, more than 100 field checkers and more than 90 tree trimmers.

All storm-related outages have been restored. 

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