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Ameren Issues Warning on Dangers of Copper Theft
Public Can Help Curb this Deadly Crime

As the global price of copper and other metals remains high, thieves are risking their lives and the lives of innocent people to steal materials that contain copper throughout the Ameren utilities service territory in Illinois and Missouri.

These thieves are placing more than themselves in harm’s way. Copper thefts can cause extensive power outages and fires that may injure or even kill innocent people. Copper theft is a crime that targets everyone.

Not only have thieves stolen copper wire from Ameren utility facilities, but they have targeted copper wire and pipes at businesses, private homes and apartments.

The best line of defense against copper theft is preparation and vigilance. Ameren recommends these steps:

• If you have information about a copper theft, report it immediately to police or your local Crime Stoppers, an organization that offers rewards but does not ask for a tipster’s name.

• Immediately report to the police any suspicious activity around Ameren utility electric substations or other utility facilities.

• When away from home, make certain your house and outbuildings are securely locked. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, notify the police, have a trusted friend or neighbor watch your property, put lights on timer devices to give the home a “lived in” look and stop mail, newspaper and other deliveries. Both homeowners and businesses should consider installing exterior motion-sensor lights that help deter thieves and prowlers.

• Store all tools and wire cutters in a secured location.

• Store all materials containing copper in a secured building.

• Secure construction sites. Consider hiring a night security guard.

• Secure vacant houses, apartments and other buildings. These are common targets of copper thieves.

For more safety tips, visit www.ameren.com/safety. 

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