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Ameren Missouri Crews Making Progress on Restoring Power to Customers
Update as of 5 p.m., Saturday, August 14

Severe storms impacted Ameren Missouri on Thursday, August 12. Here’s an update on restoration efforts, and be sure to visit the outage map for the latest based on the latest weather conditions.

5 p.m. Update  

  • Considerable progress has been made with service restored to more than 86,000 (or 92%) homes and businesses since the storms hit the St. Louis region.  
  • We also expect that 98% of customers affected by the Thursday evening storms will have their service restored by this evening.  
  • Due to the extensive damage and amount of repairs needed, some customers may be without power until Sunday.  
  • Restoration work continues around the clock.   
  • On Friday, we reached out to customers to let them know when their service is expected to be restored, and customers will continue to receive these proactive updates through the weekend.  
  • We have more than 1000 crew members engaged around the region focused on restoration work and anticipate having those crew members engaged throughout the weekend.  
  • Additional crews from across the Midwest have arrived and more are on the way to assist in restoration efforts.  
  • Late yesterday, an additional 3,500 customers in South City lost service due to non-storm related outage. Specialized underground mechanics not engaged in storm restoration efforts have been deployed to assist those customers, which we anticipate restoring to service later this evening. 


  • Restoration was aided by investments made through the Smart Energy Plan where new smart technology detected and isolated damage, rerouting power where possible, which helped reduce outages and is speeding power restoration.  
  • The damage we’re seeing with this storm was primarily due to high winds and large trees and branches being thrown onto equipment.  
  • To speed restoration, mobile materials trailers are set up in several spots across the St. Louis area. These mobile warehouses contain all the equipment needed to aid restoration efforts. By bringing equipment and supplies to them, it allows crews to spend more time focused on restoration.  
  • At the peak of the storm, there were approximately 93,000 customers without service.  


  • We will continue to update affected customers with proactive phone calls. To ensure we can provide you with the latest outage update, we must have your correct phone number and email address. Please log in to your Ameren account to verify your contact information is correct.    
  • Customers can check on the status of their restoration at Ameren.com or download the free Ameren app for updates as they become available.  
  • Sign up for alerts. Text REG to AMEREN (263736) to start or visit Ameren.com/Alerts.